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Dutch Mayor Robbed in Her Own City’s Migrant Suburb

The mayor of The Hague, Pauline Krikke, was robbed in her own city earlier this month. Krikke tried to keep the robbery out of the media, but after Dutch TV broadcaster RTL discovered she was robbed, the mayor admitted it.
Krikke was robbed as she waited at a tram stop in the city’s notorious Schilderswijk suburb, which is known for its large migrant population and its pro-ISIS and pro-Gaza protests.
The mayor told Dutch national broadcaster NOS that it happened quickly and she couldn’t see clearly who robbed her. “I tried to follow the culprit, but he went quickly out of sight. Therefore, I reported it to the police,” Krikke said to NOS.
The Hague’s Schilderswijk neighbourhood has been characterised as a problem area and the home of numerous radical Muslims. It is frequently being monitored by helicopters and other police equipment.

Jöhlingen / Germany: African man stabs woman in tram, attacks passengers and robs handbag -- Victim is seriously injured

In connection with the attempted murder of a 48-year-old woman in the early morning of 23 February in the city of Jöhlingen, police expanded the investigation. A 36-year-old man from Cameroon is in custody on suspicion of attempted murder. He is accused of having attacked and seriously injured a 48-year-old woman with a knife in Jöhlingen at about 01:00 on 23 February. Then he stole her purse. The police have now been able to evaluate video recordings in a tram. Afterwards, the suspect was already noticed before the crime in Jöhlingen. According to the police, the 36-year-old boarded the tram S4 in the direction of Eppingen at the Durlacher Tor stop at about 11.49 pm on February 22. In the tram he attacked several passengers verbally and physically. After a passenger informed the tram driver about the incidents, the accused got off the train at the Wössingen stop at about 00:09. Police are now urgently searching for passengers who were attacked by the accused in the tram. Anyone who has been attacked by the suspect and persons who have observed the incidents in the tram are requested to contact the Karlsruhe Criminal Investigation Department, phone 0721/939-5555.

A martyr falls in France - and French officials don't quite get it

By Monica Showalter

France's leaders have a way of misreading what's going on in their embattled society.
First, they failed to grasp the religious implications of the devout French priest who was slaughtered on the altar by a Muslim terrorist as he said mass, calling it "tragic" and claiming it was impossible that anyone couldn't "like" the kindly old priest.
Now, they are missing the point about the French policeman, Col. Arnaud Beltrame, 44, who died after exchanging his own life for the life of a hostage held by a Muslim terrorist last night, an act of self-sacrifice that evokes only awe across borders.
According to Fox News:
Interior Minister Gerard Collomb wrote in a tweet early Saturday that Beltrame had "died for his country."
Actually, he died a martyr, a red-crown-in-heaven martyr, not for the French state but for the French "homeland," as his mother put it. His death was animated by the Christian ethos of France's founding faith, and it shows that his homeland is frankly still under attack by Muslims who confuse martyrdom with murder-suicide.
Do the French officials who let this terrorist into the country understand that?
France wouldn't exist without the animating influence of its Christian founding and faith, the kind that commands a person to give up his life for another.
Beltrame was an elite French police officer from a storied and prestigious French military academy, got a lot of promotions (he was a colonel at age 44) and obviously had a good life. Yet when the test came for him, from a Muslim militant French authorities had let into the country, he had the leonine courage to choose to give up his life for another instead of act out of self-preservation. He was no Scot Peterson.
Beltrame's act of self-sacrifice evokes saints such as Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish priest who was sent to a Hitler death camp, and then voluntarily exchanged his own life for the life of another prisoner the Nazis capriciously marked for death.
What does compel a man give up his life in a split-second decision for another? It had to have been faith, the very faith that enabled the founding of France, which has very religious roots, recognizable in the Song of Roland, the stories of Charles Martel, in the story of Joan of Arc, and in a more distant echo, in the French Resistance of World War II with its Cross of Lorraine emblem.
The enemies of France's heroic heritage are either Muslims who would barbarcize the country or petty conniving state officials who would undermine the country to turn it into some other country.
Sound like what's going on now? Right now, France is under attack from the same Muslim scourge. And if Beltrame was willing to die for his country to save it in the same tradition as France's heroes, then his death is evidence of it. France's officials who think this is a simple police act and his death a small act of patriotism still don't get this.

Austrian teacher of 25 years explains islamic students, major problem in schools

Austrian parents are afraid: Syrian boy threatens his classmates with murder

Parents in the Salzburg town of Bad Hofgastein are afraid for their children. Several parents attended a meeting on Friday with Mayor Fritz Zettinig and municipal office manager Wolfgang Schnöll. They are afraid for their children, did not let them go to school the last day before the holidays. The reason: A ten-year-old boy from Syria, who has been attending the local elementary school for three weeks, has already threatened his classmates with murder several times. He is said to have said to the girls that if they don't marry him, he'll kill them. He is said to have threatened others "that they will still see blood today". The apparently radical student underpinned his threats with videos on YouTube. In these he posed with horror clown masks, knives and guns. The boy holds the knife to his temple and points the gun at his head. In the video, however, it becomes clear that he wants to kill others. Even if it has meanwhile been clarified that the boy will be suspended from school for at least 14 days after the Easter holidays. The police have already been called in. The boy's family has received a council flat. The parents don't speak German, they have three children and apparently don't think much of integration. At the moment, only the ten-year-old is said to be conspicuous. Every time he has to see the director, he freaks out and runs his head against the wall. His Facebook profile shows what the boy thinks of Germans and Austrians. He despises them. The ten-year-old is said to have attended elementary school in Schüttdorf. There, too,  were massive problems with him. That's why he was transferred.

LIVE: Rally in the German city of Kandel against violent crimes committed by migrants

Cousin of Manchester Arena Terrorist Beat Pregnant Woman, Told Her He Wanted to Kill Her Baby

Hamman Forjani received a short 21-month sentence for brutally attacking a pregnant woman, kicking her so hard he left shoe imprints on her face.

Manchester Crown Court heard that after Forjani, cousin of Manchester Arena terror attacker Salman Abedi, had kicked and beat his victim, he said that he wanted her unborn baby to die, reports the Manchester Evening News.The court heard that on the day of the attack, the 21-year-old had been drinking and became angry after the victim had broken his mobile phone and threw water at him.
Forjani then knocked the pregnant woman to the floor and dragged her along the ground before he began to punch her head and body, kicking her so hard in the head he left his shoe print on her face.
When the attack was over, the expectant mother, who was 28 weeks pregnant at the time, told him he “could have killed her unborn baby”, prosecutor Michael Knowles said.
Forjani replied that “he wanted to”.
A resident of Fallowfield, Manchester, which has a 20 per cent Muslim population, Forjani had previous convictions for robbery, burglary, and theft.
His defence described him as “very pleasant” when he is not drunk or on drugs.
The woman gave birth prematurely and the court heard there was a “concern” that the attack brought on the early delivery, but the judge said there was no evidence to prove it. Despite being premature, the child was born healthy.

Forjani’s defence lawyer Rachel White said that he was finding his time on remand in prison “particularly difficult” as he was being “bullied because of a family association”.
Ms. White said that her client, who was not arrested as part of the investigation into the Manchester terror attack, had considered asking to move to another prison, but did not want to be far away from his family.
During the trial, the court heard that Forjani was the cousin of fellow Fallowfield resident Salman Abedi, the Libyan-heritage jihadist who detonated a suicide vest at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena on May 22nd, 2017, killing 22 people and injuring more than 500. The attack was later claimed by the Islamic State.
Abedi, who was the son of Libyan refugees, had targetted the American pop star’s concert to inflict maximum damage on families, young women, and children. Of the 22 fatalities, ten were under the age of 20, the youngest victim being an eight-year-old girl.

Fake News: BBC Describes Refugee Terror Bomber from Iraq as ‘Surrey Teenager’ – Again

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been caught describing Iraqi refugee and convicted terrorist Ahmed Hassan as a “Surrey teenager” for a second time.

The broadcaster, funded by the British public through a state-enforced compulsory license fee, provided the dubious description in a breaking news tweet on its BBC South-East account, after Hassan was sentenced for carrying out a terror bombing on a London tube train.
“BREAKING ‘Dangerous and devious’ Surrey teenager jailed for life for Parsons Green Tube bombing, in which 51 people injured’, read the social media post — earning a string of incredulous responses from users who felt the broadcaster was attempting to obscure Hassan’s origins as a supposed alleged ‘child refugee’.

(Sentencing judge Charles Haddon-Cave suggested he may have been older than he claimed.)“Seriously @BBCSouthEast what do you think you are doing?” asked former UKIP press chief Gawain Towler.
“He is not a Surrey teenager. Not in any serious manner of speaking. He is an Iraqi, and a terrorist, an Islamist terrorist at that.”
Breaking News image
This is not the first time the BBC has implied the migrant is a Surrey native, however, with a tweet from BBC London Newsroom describing him as “the #Surrey teenager accused of building and placing a homemade bomb on a train which partially exploded at #ParsonsGreen tube station” in January.
This tweet mysterious disappeared after a public backlash — but BBC South-East’s tweet remains online, at least for now.
It is also not necessarily true that Hassan has been “jailed for life”. He did, in fact, receive a 34-year minimum term — almost ten years less than far-right extremist Darren Osborne, who targeted Muslims in Finsbury Park — rather than a whole-life tariff, but the BBC does clarify this in the article the tweet links to.
Hassan was allowed to stay in Britain after illegally immigrating via Calais, France, despite telling the authorities he had been “trained to kill” by the Islamic State — a revelation which has caused outcry, given right-wing activists and journalists such as Martin SellnerBrittany PettiboneLauren Southern, and Lutz Bachmann are being detained and deported at the border.
The Iraqi was “determined to create as much death and carnage [on the day of his attack] as possible,” according to Judge Haddon-Cave.

UK: Islamization Full Speed Ahead

by Judith Bergman
  • This is how Islamization occurs and is made permanent: Other schools will think carefully of the risks before they even attempt to "limit the Islamization process".
  • It is virtually impossible for "Islamophobia" to be "underreported" in London. The UK is nothing, if not clinically obsessed with "Islamophobia". In 2016, London mayor Sadiq Khan's Office for Policing and Crime announced it was spending £1.7 million taxpayer money policing speech online.
  • British police have even been taking lessons about Islam and "Islamophobia" from radical Islamist groups such as Mend. One of the most active Mend figures, Azad Ali, has said that he has "love" for Anwar Al-Awlaki, an influential US-born Islamic terrorist, who was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen in 2011.
The UK is accelerating its Islamization at an ever-increasing speed. The desire of the British establishment to submit to Islam appears to be overwhelming.
In a recent report, the Henry Jackson society exposed how the UK used taxpayer funds to support Islamist charities working against British society to the tune of more than six million pounds in 2017 alone. According to the report, "As the case studies in this report are illustrative rather than comprehensive, it is likely that this sum represents only the tip of the iceberg". The report concludes, "Until more comprehensive action is taken, a network of Islamist extremists operating in the UK will continue to use charities and taxpayer money to fund the spread of divisive, illiberal and intolerant views within our communities".
Among the charities detailed in the report, are several Islamic charities involved in dawa [outreach, proselytization], such as the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), as well as several charities connected to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, such as the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) and Islamic Relief.
Deploying taxpayer money to support Islamic charities is not the only way in which the UK embraces Islamization.
St. Stephen's Primary School in Newham, London, was recently forced to change its ban on hijabs for girls under the age of eight, even though, in Islam, girls are not obliged to cover themselves before they reach puberty.
This reversal happened after a massive coordinated backlash by Islamic organizations, such as the Muslim Council of Britain -- which the UK government believes to be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood -- and MEND. The campaign against the ban included a petition, signed by more than 19,000 people as well as local councilors. Ten Newham councilors protested that, "To attack an article of faith and clothing in this manner is an outrage and is simply wrong. The argument against allowing school children of whatever age, to wear a hijab actually goes against our fundamental values as a progressive, tolerant and inclusive society. We therefore call upon the school to overturn this decision immediately..." During the coordinated campaign against the hijab ban at the school, teachers were subjected to bullying and abuse, and the head teacher responsible for introducing the ban was compared to Hitler.
The school's chair of governors, Arif Qawi, who had written in a social media post that he was trying to "limit the Islamisation process, and turn these beautiful children into modern, British citizens", also had to resign. Miqdaad Versi, the assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said his organization welcomed Qawi's resignation, because of his "appalling" statements in support of the ban. "Yet serious questions remain unanswered as to the school leadership's attitude towards Muslims, which are potentially discriminatory...We hope that future decisions are made carefully and with full consultation with local communities." Versi said.
This is how Islamization occurs and is made permanent: Other schools will think carefully of the risks before they even attempt to "limit the Islamization process". According to the former head of the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted), Sir Michael Wilshaw, the lack of a national policy on wearing hijabs in schools is due to political correctness, which leaves teachers "alone, isolated and vulnerable".
"There's something like 150 schools... which in short make it compulsory for youngsters to wear a hijab -- so what's happening about those schools?", Sir Michael asked recently , "The country has enormously changed. When heads want to change things, they have now to take into account deep-seated and sincere feeling of communities, some of whom who have conservative views".
The British state evidently cares less about Islamization -- and the oppression of little girls -- than about political correctness.
The clerical establishment is also pressing Britons to accept and accommodate the ongoing Islamization more readily. Archbishop Welby cautiously admitted in November 2016 that dealing with the religiously motivated violence in Europe "requires a move away from the argument that has become increasingly popular, which is to say that ISIS is 'nothing to do with Islam'... Until religious leaders stand up and take responsibility for the actions of those who do things in the name of their religion, we will see no resolution."
Since then, however, he appears dutifully to have returned to the submissive fold and in February 2018, he was once more preaching the politically correct gospel of "Welcoming strangers to our country and integrating them into our culture... We must be generous and allow ourselves to change with the newcomers and create a deeper, richer way of life". One year ago, in February 2017, Welby suggested that Brexit and the election of Trump were both "in the fascist tradition".
Britain's security establishment also seems longing to submit to Islam. Scotland Yard recently warned that hate crimes ("Islamophobia", in other words, as no other hate crime is taken as seriously) are "hugely underreported". Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer, Scotland Yard's head of community engagement said: "The Met has seen a steady increase in the reporting of all hate crime, particularly racist and religious hate crime. Despite this rise, hate crime is hugely underreported and no one should suffer in silence."
It is virtually impossible for "Islamophobia" to be "underreported" in London. The UK is nothing, if not clinically obsessed with "Islamophobia". In 2016, London mayor Sadiq Khan's Office for Policing and Crime announced it was spending £1.7 million of taxpayer money policing speech online. Less than six months ago, London police teamed up with Transport for London authorities to encourage people to report hate crimes during "National Hate Crime Awareness Week", which ran from October 14-21. The events were mainly targeted at Muslims, with officers visiting the East London Mosque to encourage reporting hate crimes. British police have even been taking lessons about Islam and "Islamophobia" from radical Islamist groups such as Mend. One of the most active Mend figures, Azad Ali, has said that he has "love" for Anwar Al-Awlaki, an influential US-born Islamic terrorist, who was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen in 2011.
Meantime, while the police obsess over "Islamophobia", regular crime in London is exploding. The latest statistics from the London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime show that in the past year, homicides have increased 27.1%, knife crimes have increased 31.3%, and there were 2,551 incidents of gun crime, representing a rise of 16.3%. Police recorded 7,613 rapes in the 12 months through January 2018 compared with 6,392 for the previous year, a rise of almost 20%. As reported by the Evening Standard, the figures also show an 8% increase in other sexual offences in the past year, bringing the total number of reported rapes and sexual assaults in London to almost 20,000. Campaigners have suggested the real figure could be "significantly higher" once unreported attacks are taken into account. British police, meanwhile, say they are at a loss to explain what is causing the rise in rapes.
The Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey was recently asked if he had any idea what was behind the surge. His answer: "No, is the honest answer... there is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don't fully understand, the causes of it. We see the end of it, [but] we don't understand the causes."
Meanwhile, 65,000 cases of child sex abuse reached a record high in 2017, or 177 every day: up 15% from 2016.
In Rotherham alone, after 16 years of dismissing the problem, the number of child abuse cases rose to 1,510. The National Crime Agency (NCA) inquiry, "the biggest of its kind in the UK, has identified 110 suspects, of whom 80% are of Pakistani heritage", officers said.
In its seeming eagerness to submit to Islam, the security establishment even appears to be willing to compare people responding to Islamization and Islamic terrorism with the Islamic terrorists themselves. In a recent lecture, one of the UK's top counterterrorism officials, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, outgoing head of counter-terrorism policing, compared Tommy Robinson, an anti-Islamist activist, often described as "far-right," to Anjem Choudary, a radical terrorist-linked Islamist cleric who has advocated sharia in the UK and is now serving a prison sentence for urging support for ISIS.
Pictured: Anjem Choudary, a radical terrorist-linked Islamist cleric who has advocated sharia in the UK and is now serving a prison sentence for urging support for ISIS. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
"Robinson also became a regular fixture in our media, giving him the platform to attack the whole religion of Islam by conflating acts of terrorism with the faith, often citing spurious claims, which inevitably stirred up tensions" Rowe said, "Each side feeds into each other's extremist rhetoric with the common goal of increasing tensions and divisions in communities".
Rowe also said, "The right-wing threat was not previously organized. Every now and then there's been an individual motivated by that rhetoric who has committed a terrorist act, but we've not had an organized right-wing threat like we do now".
Perhaps Rowley might stop to consider why there is now an organized right-wing threat. The British establishment -- people such as Rowley -- have categorically embraced the "Islam is peace" narrative. The establishment has even let itself and its police be lectured by radical Islamist organizations such as Mend on what Islam is -- and has doggedly refused to listen to any dissident voices. Large parts of the British population, therefore, have nowhere to turn with their frustrations at the rapid Islamization of British society, apart from anti-establishment or far-right organizations. No other organizations appear willing to have an open discussion about the ongoing Islamization. Rowley and other establishment figures, especially political ones, continue to evade responsibility for this upheaval -- a situation that seems bound to continue, unless or until the British establishment -- political, security, educational, clerical and cultural -- begins to address, openly and honestly, the rapidly increasing speed of Islamization into British society.
Unfortunately, that enquiry appears unlikely to happen.

Sh*thole Watch: Knife Crime Epidemic in Sadiq Khan’s London Will ‘Get Worse Before It Gets Better’

The head of a leading knife crime charity has predicted that violence in Sadiq Khan’s London will get worse before it gets better, as a crime wave in the capital claimed its eighth life in seven days.

Since March 14th, five people have been stabbed to death in the British capital, one shot dead, and one shot and stabbed, the Evening Standard reports.“I think what we have just seen in the last 24 or 48 hours confirms that we are in a crisis in relation to the amount of crime – and, sadly, there is no quick fix for this,” observed Patrick Green, CEO of the Ben Kinsella Trust, which is named after a 16-year-old teen who was stabbed to death by three black youths after they decided one of his friends had given them a funny look.
“I fear we have not seen the last of this sort of violence,” Green said.
“It takes time for people to change their mindsets, it takes time for us to change those views and it takes time for the money to work – that is why we will see this problem get worse before it gets better.”

The knife crime epidemic sweeping London has been exacerbated in part by Mayor Sadiq Khan pressuring police constables to drastically cut back the use of stop-and-search, which he believed was upsetting non-white ethnic groups.
The shocking rise in stabbings and other violent crimes since the policy was implemented has forced the Labour politician into a dramatic u-turn, however.
Khan has also made a show of setting aside £1.4 million for anti-knife crime projects — although this is less than the £1.7 million he allocated for the creation of an “online hate crime” hub, and far less than the £6 million set aside for special bus driver toilets or the £34 million set aside for green projects.
Some of the anti-knife crime funding is being deployed questionably, including thousands of pounds for a Somali Islamic centre.