Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mass protests against Merkel and immigration are spreading through Germany

Protest in Kandel - Screenshot ARD
Germans are not planning to stop protesting against Angela Merkel and her migration policy. Several demonstrations have already taken place and the next one will be on 24 February.
Most of Germany’s protests started after the shocking murder of the 15-year-old Mia, by an Afghan refugee. The girl was attacked and murdered with a knife in a drug store in the town of Kandel.
A few courageous women started protesting in the city after it appeared the mayor was more concerned about xenophobia than about the safety of the citizens. The protest went bigger and later resulted in a march for Mia under the motto: “Kandel is everywhere”.
Later there were protests in Cottbus, Hamburg, Dresden and Kandel again. Most protesters are concerned about how Germany is changing under Merkel and about migrant violence against women and girls.
🆘‼😎🔥 : More and more German citizens are fed up with the policy of and her government. This was yesterday at the "Merkel must go" demonstration in . Of course not without the presence of the stormtroopers.
Last weekend a “Women’s March” was organised in Germany’s capital and thousands of women (and men) attended. While Antifa called the women Nazis and disrupted parts of their route, their action can be considered a success.
A new protest has now been planned on Saturday, February 24th in the eastern German town of Cottbus. It’s reasonable to think the protests will continue and spread further across the country as migrant crime is still a hot issue for many Germans.
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Germany- Big protest planned in Cottbus against Asylum Chancellor Merkel on the 24th of February. Cottbus is one of the cities not accepting anymore refugees after several violent incidents.

Greece, Poland sign defense cooperation treaty

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos and his Polish counterpart Mariusz Blaszczak signed a bilateral security and defense treaty during a ceremony in Warsaw on Wednesday. The two ministers also discussed developments in the European Union and NATO, while they agreed to bolster cooperation between state-owned and private industries in both countries. Kammenos also met with Parliament speaker Marek Kuchcinski, Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz, and National Security Bureau chief Pawel Soloch.

Freiburg / Germany: Student raped in women's toilet at the university

Already last Saturday at 12:00 o' clock on the ground floor of the flat building of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Freiburg in Albertstraße, the following assault occurred.
A 25-year-old female student was washing her hands in the basin of the ladies' toilet on the ground floor when she was attacked from behind by an unknown perpetrator. Despite resistance, there was a sexual assault during which the offender touched her in the genital area.
The perpetrator was described as follows:
approx. 180 cm high
approx. 20-30 years
slim, non-muscular stature
no glasses; oval, elongated face
short, dark hair; dark skin tone
fluent german language with foreign accent
Clothing: Blue jeans, dark/black sweater
The culprit then left the ladies' room in an unknown direction. The Criminal Investigation Department has started the investigation and asks witnesses who can provide relevant information to call 0761-8825777.

Britain: The Hijab as the Entry Point for Islam

by Khadija Khan
  • Islamists seem to be influencing the British school system with ease: there is simply no solid opposition to them. The government even stays silent about the harassment and intimidation.
  • Islamists in Britain seem to be intent on establishing regressive requirements, such as the hijab for young girls, wife beating, making homosexuality illegal, death for apostates, halala rituals in divorce, and exploitation of women and children through Sharia courts as part and parcel of British culture.
  • That St. Stephen's School allowed itself to be blackmailed in this way bodes ill for both Britain and its education system.
St. Stephen's School in East London recently imposed a ban on hijabs (Islamic headscarves), but reversed its decision after administrators received hundreds of threats from enraged Muslims.
Among the targeted officials from the primary school was the head of governors, Arif Qawi, who had supported the ban on the grounds that the girls wearing hijabs were less likely to integrate socially with their peers. As a result of the outcry, Qawi submitted his resignation, saying that members of the staff were afraid to come to the school.
Head teacher Neena Lall, whose educational philosophy has turned St. Stephen's into one of the best secular primary schools in Britain's capital -- in spite of its being in Newham, a poor neighborhood where English is spoken predominantly as a second language -- was bombarded with e-mails calling her a "pedophile" who "deserved what she had coming." Lall, of Punjabi origin, was even compared to Hitler in a video uploaded to YouTube.
St. Stephen's School, in East London. (Image source: Google Street View)
It is not the first time that British educators have been intimidated by Muslim extremists. The head of Anderton Park School in Birmingham, Ms. Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, received similar threats on social media.
Anderton Park School was inspected as part of the "Trojan Horse" scandal, in which the British government discovered that Muslim extremists had been trying to take over Britain's secular school system.
One death threat to Hewitt-Clarkson read: "Any head teacher who teaches my children it's alright to be gay will be at the end of my shotgun."
Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services, as well as Chief Inspector of the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted), Amanda Spielman, was also targeted when she expressed public supportfor Lall. School principals, she said, "must have the right to set school uniform policies as they see fit, in order to promote cohesion." Spielman was also subjected to anti-Semitic abuse, apparently based merely on the sound of her name.
Spielman was already the recipient of what she called "nasty tweets" and threatening messages -- such as, "We know where you live and we can get you anytime we want to" -- from a mixture of "Islamic extremists and the hard left," after an Ofsted report critical of conservative faith schools that were apparently "spreading beliefs that clash with British values."
The unprecedented scale of this harassment -- even against the government -- indicates the alarming degree to which extremist elements have penetrated British society and threaten the careers of anyone who would speak against Islamic extremism.
Activists who had lobbied for the banning of hijabs in the British primary schools were apparently crestfallen. One British activist, Amina Lone, tweeted:
"This is an important step in promoting religious extremism, mob rule and refusing to give #Muslim young girls equal gender equality rights.... So much for choice and individual liberty. Terribly sad day for a secular democracy."
While secular British values need to be upheld to provide equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of caste, creed, gender or color, Islamists seem to be influencing the British school system with ease: there is simply no solid opposition to them. The government even stays silent about the harassment and intimidation.
Was St. Stephen's forced to succumb to the pressure of ignorant zealots, who either do not know or choose to ignore that under Islamic law (Sharia), girls are not required to cover their heads until they reach puberty? Ignorance also seems not to have prevented them from accusing anyone who says or acts otherwise of "Islamophobia." It is a form of political blackmail used by Muslim extremists against the Western institutions, the values of which they abhor.
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System, Lord Agnew of Oulton, pledged to support the schools that are trying to ban hijabs as well as obligatory fasting: in Islam, young children are not subject to either.
Lord Agnew said that the government should support head teachers in making difficult and "sensitive" decisions in the face of vitriolic opposition. We have yet to see the effects of his statement. Supporting head teachers is one thing, but there is also a dire need to confront these extremists on all levels, including law enforcement, if they try to harass or intimidate anyone.
Someone please needs to back up Lord Agnew: there are only a few such policy-makers left willing to offer rational help during such crises.
Islamists in Britain seem to be intent on establishing regressive requirements, such as the hijab for young girls, wife-beatinghalala rituals in divorce, making homosexuality illegaldeath for apostates, and the exploitation of women and children through Sharia courts as part and parcel with British culture.
Instead of making statements, the British government needs to take concrete steps to stop the further infiltration of these practices into Britain's social fabric, the warping of children's minds, and the harassment of whoever disagrees with those plans.
That St. Stephen's allowed itself to be blackmailed in this way bodes ill for both Britain and its education system.

‘Change is Coming’ – Labour Threatens Free Press, Could ‘Ban’ Breitbart

Labour shadow minister Andrew Gwynne has suggested the party could ban foreign-owned newspapers if his party seizes power, without specifically ruling out online outlets such as Breitbart.

His comments came after the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hinted at a crackdown on the free press, telling the media “change is coming” after his right-wing papers published unfavourable stories about his meetings with a Communist spy during the Cold War.
The 68-year-old socialist held several meetings with a Czechoslovakian ‘diplomat’ in the 1980s, who now claims Corbyn was a paid informant. Corbyn has admitted to the meetings but denied knowing the man was a spy or working for him,
The Czech authorities say the Labour leader is not on file as a collaborator, although the ex-spy countered this by saying: “It’s not important what you can find in official documents. Don’t forget, a lot of them were destroyed.”

In the last few days The Sun, The Mail, The Telegraph and The Express have gone a little bit James Bond.

We've got news for the billionaire, tax exile press barons: Change is coming.
In a video posted to social media, Corbyn singled out The SunDaily MailDaily Telegraph, and Daily Express, accusing them of going “a little bit James Bond” and “continuing to resort to lies and smears”.
“Publishing these ridiculous smears that have been refuted by Czech officials shows just how worried the media bosses are by the prospect of a Labour government,” he said.
“We’ve got news for them: change is coming,” he added in a threatening tone.
Speaking on the BBC’s Daily Politics show, Labour’s Shadow Communities Secretary Andrew Gwynne said Labour would be “bringing forward measures” to control the press.
When asked if the party would ban foreign ownership of media, he said, that was “to be decided”.
“[Banning foreign ownership] is one option that may be on the table… change has to come because we can’t go on with media barons being able to present smears as fact and as news,” he added.

The media has previously reported Corbyn admitting to inviting senior Hamas and Hezbollah members into Parliament, accepting thousands of pounds from the propaganda wing of Iran’s hostile Islamic fundamentalist regime, and meeting with IRA terrorists and supporters.

Both the Prime Minister and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage have called on Corbyn to be more open about his alleged ties to Communist spies, with the latter also slamming the Labour leader for “attacking” the free press.

Lampedusa Tightens Migrant Controls After Failed Experiment in Open Borders

After trouncing the incumbent Lampedusa mayor in elections this past summer, Salvatore Martello immediately began fulfilling campaign promises to get a grip on uncontrolled immigration and has now brought the population of the island’s welcome center down to a manageable 100.

On being elected, Martello’s first act of government was to threaten to shut down the center—or “hotspot,” as the Italians call it—in a move designed to show how serious he was about containing the massive influx of undocumented migrants amidst a rash of crimes and social unrest.
In an interview Tuesday with the Italian daily Il Giornale, the new mayor describes the move as a deliberate “provocation,” designed to bring attention back to respect for the law and the dignity of citizens, along with the well-being of migrants.
The island of Lampedusa represents Italy’s southernmost point and the nearest point of entry for Africans into the European Union at a distance of just 70 miles (113 km) from Tunisia.
“Police are powerless,” Martello wrote in an open letter at the time, insisting that Lampedusa’s overflowing migrant center had produced chaos, with “constant thefts in clothing and food shops.”
“The bars are full of Tunisians who are drunk and harass women,” he said. “I receive dozens of messages daily from frightened tourists, hoteliers, traders and restaurateurs who are suffering.”
In May of 2016, in fact, Tunisian migrants burned down a refugee welcome center on Lampedusa and afterward claimed that they did so because they did not want to be deported. At the time, the reception center of Imbriacola housed some 530 asylum-seekers.
Pope Francis had shined a bright spotlight on Lampedusa in 2013 by making it the scene of his first apostolic visit, drawing attention to African migrants who had died in a fatal shipwreck off the island while attempting the crossing.
The compliant former mayor, Giusi Nicolini, held up Lampedusa as a model of open acceptance of migrants en route from North Africa to Europe.
Nicolini was a protégée of former prime minister Matteo Renzi, who even took her along on a U.S. trip to the White House, introducing her to President Obama as a champion of immigration. Nicolini’s face was plastered on dozens of magazine covers and she was a frequent guest of Italian talk shows as the savior of refugees. The former mayor was even awarded a UNESCO peace prize for her “humanity, and her constant efforts in managing the refugee crisis.”
It turns out that Lampedusa’s transformation into a global symbol of open borders positivity, with the capacity to hold and process almost limitless numbers of migrants before transferring them to the Italian mainland, came after Nicolini signed a “memorandum of understanding” with George Soros’ Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE).
In the memorandum, Nicolini agreed to let Soros’s international funding network “help strengthen Lampedusa’s capacity [to take migrants] and promote the island’s population and its guests.”
All of the accolades for the mayor came screeching to a halt at the polls last summer, however, when Lampedusans demanded a mayor who would restore order to the island.
According to Il Giornale, the social climate has changed significantly in Lampedusa, with less Pollyannaish naivete and more realism.
The new mayor himself insists that he is not opposed to receiving migrants, “but as long as it is managed with intelligence.”
“If the hot spot is designed to accommodate a certain number of guests, you cannot admit triple that number,” he said. “If you have decided that they must stay within the gates, you cannot allow them to roam freely in the village, harassing the citizens.”

As Italians gear up for national elections on March 4, dealing with the immigration crisis consistently appears among the top three concerns that voters will take with them to the polls.