Friday, October 20, 2017

“Muslim Martin Luther” Tariq Ramadan accused of rape, slapping victim, threatening her family

I have been silent for several years for fear of reprisals, because by threatening to file a complaint for the rape of which I was a victim, he did not hesitate to threaten me and also tell me that we could ‘take it to my children.’ I was afraid and I kept silent all this time.”
Tariq Ramadan, hailed as a Muslim reformer despite not rejecting any tenet of Qur’anic Islam, is the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna. Ramadan is renowned as a “moderate” and never identified with the outlook or policies of al-Banna, despite the fact that Ramadan has praised and never repudiated his grandfather. With these threats, if Ayari’s allegations are true, Ramadan does appear to be a true exponent of the Muslim Brotherhood.
“French author Henda Ayari accuses Tariq Ramadan of rape,” Middle East Eye, October 20, 2017:
French author Henda Ayari accused on Friday philosopher and Islamic theoretician Tariq Ramadan of rape. Ayari, 40, said that the influential academic had sexually assaulted her in a hotel room in Paris in 2012.
“I decided to file a complaint against Tariq Ramadan for what he did to me,” she said on Facebook. Ramadan has not yet responded to the allegations….
Ayari said she was raped by the UK-based academic on the sidelines of the congress of the Union of Islamic Organisations of France when he allegedly invited her to join him in a hotel room.
She also claims that Ramadan threatened her family to prevent her reporting the alleged rape.
“I have been silent for several years for fear of reprisals, because by threatening to file a complaint for the rape of which I was a victim, he did not hesitate to threaten me and also tell me that we could ‘take it to my children.’ I was afraid and I kept silent all this time,” she said on Facebook.
Ayari’s lawyer, Jonas Haddad told Le Figaro that his client had filed a complaint for “rape, sexual assault, voluntary violence, harassment, intimidation” with the Rouen prosecutor’s office on Friday afternoon.
AFP also reported that it had seen legal documents detailing the complaint.
Ramadan, 55, who is a professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and is enormously influential among Muslims throughout Europe.
He calls for believers to embrace and practice Islam in a thoroughly modern manner, and he advises Muslims on how they can fully integrate into European societies without betraying the universal laws and values of Islam. His books include “What I Believe” and “Radical Reform, Islamic Ethics and Liberation”.
However, critics accuse Ramadan of anti-Semitism and promoting the oppression of women, claims that he denies….
“As a matter of modesty, I will not here give precise details of the acts he has caused me to suffer. It is enough to know that he has benefited very much from my weakness,” she wrote, adding that she was “slapped” and “abused” when she told her alleged attacker to stop.
“I still spoke in my book in a whole chapter changing its name, not to be sued for libel, but today I can not keep this secret too heavy to wear, it’s time for me to tell the truth,” she said on Friday.

Austria: 25 Per Cent Rise in Sex Attacks, Almost Half Committed by Migrants

The Austrian government has released new crime statistics that show sex attacks have risen by more than 25 per cent since last year and that migrants make up close to half of all known suspects in sex crime cases.

The Austrian Interior Ministry released the figures this week which show that between 2015 and 2016, during the height of the migrant crisis, sex crimes went up 26.18 per cent. The reports also show a disproportionate number of suspects to be of a foreign origin and that Afghan nationals are particularly overrepresented, Kronen Zeitungreports.
The ministry said there were 5,253 sexual offences in 2016, up from the previous year’s number of 4,163.
In cases of rape, individuals of a foreign background make up a disproportionate number of rape suspects representing 44.3 per cent of all suspects in 2016.
In cases of sexual harassment, foreigners made up 43 per cent of suspects. In context, the migrant population of Austria is estimated to be between 10 and 15 per cent.
Afghan nationals make up the largest segment of sex attackers among foreign suspects followed by Romanians, Germans, Serbs, and Turks.
The report comes after another report from earlier this year from Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka who noted that migrant sex offences had increased by a massive 133 per cent in the span of only a year.
The Interior Ministry also noted that individuals of foreign backgrounds were also responsible for around 51 per cent of all the thefts in the country.
Austria is not the only country in which migrants commit a disproportionate amount of crime compared to their share of the overall population. In Germany, their Interior Ministry released a report last year showing migrants being overrepresented in almost all forms of crime.

The issue has become such a problem in cities like Berlin that the Berlin Senate launched an investigation after reports emerged that almost half of the crime in the German capital was being committed by migrants.

Swedish Politicians Call For Army to be Deployed to No Go Zones to Keep Peace

Twenty members of the Moderate Party in Sweden have proposed the government deploys the armed forces in some of the country’s most dangerous no-go zones to combat “gang violence”.

Moderate Party politician Mikael Cederbratt made the proposal this week saying: “The situation in our areas of exclusion has deteriorated. The gangs have taken over and the police have had to retreat. Swedish law no longer applies there.”
Cederbratt was backed up by 19 other Moderate party members who signed a motion to deploy members of the Swedish armed forces in the heavily migrant populated Stockholm suburbs of Hallunda-Norsborg, Tensta, Rinkeby, and Husby Botkyrka Direct reports.
“It is absolutely necessary to do something, because these gangs are like cancerous tumours in our country, and it is urgent. My absolute belief is that we, the nation of Sweden, must declare war on criminal gangs,” Cederbratt said.
“It is the responsibility of the state to maintain the law, especially the police. But the police today do not have the numerical ability to maintain public order,” he added.
In certain no-go zones, police have been brutally attacked, some of which has even been caught on video. In Rinkeby, police have been trying to build a new, more secure police station for months but have been unable to find building contractors due to the danger of working in the area.
Cederbratt said that the military could take on police functions in the areas. “For example, a police bus and a night in Norsborg could be manned by four to five soldiers led by a police inspector,” he said.
“Military police are perfect. We also have a group of UN military unions who have learned this kind of work in very difficult situations abroad. If they receive supplementary education, they can work very well under the guidance of a police officer in Sweden.”
The situation for Swedish police has become dire with Swedish National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson begging for help from the government earlier this year.

The threats to the police have also begun to increase after a police station was bombedearlier this week in Helsingborg with authorities refusing to rule out potential terrorist links.

‘White People Are Devils, I Hate You’ – Man Launches Racist Tirade Against London Underground Commuters

A black man has been recorded launching a furious, racist tirade against white commuters on the London Underground and asking to fight them.

The shocking video, which was passed to the MailOnline website, was shot surreptitiously by another passenger on the Victoria Line.
“I can do what I want!” he screams at an unseen passenger as the video begins, lurching forward in his seat. “Don’t talk! Never talk! Shut your mouth!”
The man settles back in his seat and becomes briefly calm, telling another passenger: “You’re all right, you’re a foreigner man.”
He quickly works himself into a state of high agitation again, however, saying: “You hear me, white people are devils,” to no-one in particular.
“I hate you lot … I hate white people. You’re deluded. Troublemakers. You’ve got nothing happening … They’re going home bored,” he spits.
“White people are drunkards, innit,” he rants. “They’re alcoholics, innit … Nothing happens in a white man’s life or a white woman’s.”
Photo published for Cambridge Student Who Branded All White People Racist and Cheered Black Lives Matter Rioters...
He turns to an unseen woman and tells her: “There’s nothing happening at home, is it? Boring old bat. You’re white, nothing goes on in your life — apart from the pub. Everybody knows about white people, you’re alcoholics.”
Another man out of camera shot says something inaudible to the ranting passenger, who quickly becomes aggressive again.
“Leave me alone fat man, talk to your wife!” he shouts. “Leave me alone or you’re dead.”
The response of the man being threatened is unclear, but the racist passenger continues: “Do you want to fight? You want to fight me?” he asks over and over again, before the video cuts out.
The anonymous eyewitness who filmed the video told MailOnline that the aggressive male was “first seen targeting a young suited man before continuing onto monologue his racist opinions to the tube”.
She added: “I work in North London so I get on this line most days. I had my headphones in listening to music when I heard shouting from down the carriage.
“I thought I would record it just in case something happened. To begin with he was shouting at a young man, I can’t remember what he was saying but it was intimidating.
“I think everyone was just a bit uncomfortable and worried about what he was going to do next. Was he going to punch someone or did he have a knife?

“Everyone else was reassuring each other though by making eye contact. I asked the first victim if he was okay.”

Youngest World Leader Bans George Soros’s Foundations From Austria

The world’s youngest leader, newly-elected Sebastian Kurz, has informed George Soros that his Open Society Foundation has 28 days to cease and desist operations in Austria or face legal action for “attempting to undermine the democracy of the nation.” 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s youngest ever leader, has told colleagues that action must be taken immediately, after news broke that George Soros has donated $18 billion of his $24 billion dollar fortune to his Open Society Foundation. “The situation has become critical,” Kurz said. “Soros is throwing everything he has behind his push for global control. Misinformation and media manipulation has already increased exponentially overnight. We have no room for complacency.“ Kurz, a self-described truther who says he was “red pilled” by the 9/11 film Loose Change, claims that he understands the Soros agenda, and “there is no way in hell this country will be his fifth victim.”It is understood the Austrian chancellor is referring to the number of national economies Soros has crashed in order to gain enormous personal profit and political influence. Asked why he was banning George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Kurz said, “Because it’s 2017.“ The news that Soros has released 75% of his vast fortune to push his political and social agenda has caused shockwaves around the world, with many democratically elected leaders expressing fear that the sheer weight of his billions, used to buy politicians and journalists, will be difficult to fight against.Kurz agrees. This is why he has taken fast action. “The specter of Soros is the greatest challenge humanity is facing in the world in 2017. He is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming his blood funnel into anything that smells like money, using this money to corrupt politicians, journalists and the public sector, and attempting to create the world in his image. “The people of Austria have rejected the New World Order, and it is my duty and my privilege to uphold their will.”

Hungary Fears ‘Soros Influence’ in Election After Open Borders Acti

George Soros will use his organisation, now the second largest political activist charity in the world, to “influence” Hungary’s 2018 general election, a Hungarian member of parliament has claimed.

István Hollik MP fears that Soros would use his Open Society Foundations (OSF) to remove Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party from power, tear down the border fence, and implement the “Soros Plan” to flood Europe with one million third-world migrants annually, reports the Hungarian Times.
The politician, whose Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) is in coalition with the conservative Fidesz, also said that the OSF-backed refugee human rights group Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s legal challenge to the government’s national consultation on the Soros Plan could be “the first step in the campaign”.
Hollik pointed out that Soros’s foundation, which recently received a cash injection after the Hungarian-American speculator transferred $18 billion into the NGO, has been a “generous and intensive” source of money for those “Soros organisations and politicians” who “regularly intervene in Hungarian public life and who try to put pressure on the Hungarian cabinet”, alleges Hollik.
Photo published for Death Star: George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations - Breitbart
He also accused figures within the European Union of “reporting” on Hungary to the Soros group, saying: “There are politicians in Brussels in their [OSF’s] pockets, through whom [the Soros organisation] is making threats.”
Hungary is under pressure from the EU over the country’s refusal to accept redistributed refugees, its higher education law, and legislation demanding transparency from foreign-funded organisations – the latter two directly affecting Soros interests.
He added that these organisations have been active since the beginning of the migrant crisis and after Orbán prevented further mass flows through his country and into the rest of Europe by building border fences, training more border guards, and detaining migrantswhilst their asylum claims are processed.
Photo published for The Soros Plan Is a Satanic Assault on Europe, Says Hungarian Lawmaker - Breitbart
“Seeing what the Soros-funded organisations do, it is not an exaggeration to say that Soros organisations and the Soros plan itself are dangerous,” the Christian Democrat added.
Soros has a history of interfering in the democratic process of sovereign nations including spending $6 billion to destroy populism in Europe, as well as being accused of interfering in internal politics in Macedonia and Albania.

In the United States, Soros attempted to influence local district-attorney elections in 2016 (and again in 2017) by pumping over $3 million into seven campaigns, spent $2 million in an attempt to remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office, and donated $11.9 million to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.